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Researches show that the behavior habits of society are rapidly changing in the world, which are influenced by the increasing number of such social problems in the world, such as pollution, excessive consumption. The retail sector remains an economic powerhouse and the largest contributor to the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) too. According to BusinessWire, the average annual growth rate of retail sales since 2008 was 3.8%, its global revenue in 2015 was 22.6 trillion. USD. Meanwhile, according to the results of the Statista Research Department study, the turnover of the global retail market in 2018 amounted to approximately 24 trillion USD. One of the largest polluting retail sectors are fast fashion, which offers a very large and frequently renewed supply of clothes at a low price. The consumer pays a low price for the product, but the damage to the environment and public health is high. In our opinion, the world has accumulated a lot of materials that can be recycled and used, and at the same time create a safe and ethical production chain that will help reduce environmental pollution. In this case, our main focus is sustainability, we strive for every production solution to be sustainable, environmentally friendly. That’s how PinkyFuture was born – it is a Pinky promise for ourself & our future world. We want to meet the world being stylish and sustainable. 

We may take longer to produce new products, but we will make sure they are produced sustainable. We hope to inspire other to begin making more sustainable choices and we will do our best to fulfill this mission and work on improving.